FOX Public Webinar: Strengthening the Relationship Between Trustees & Beneficiaries

Originally Broadcast April 18, 2018
A trusteeship is a critical, active role that has significant influence on the welfare of the beneficiary and the sustainability of the assets, businesses, or properties that are in the trust. Being appointed a trustee is a tremendous honor, but it comes with very real responsibilities and exposure to liability.

But a trust is more than a legal structure or series of transactions—it sets in motion a working relationship between the trustee and beneficiary. Although trusts are a vital and prominent component of family wealth planning, it's surprisingly hard to find training to prepare trustees and beneficiaries for their responsibilities.

In this FOX Public Webinar, we shared the best practices designed to help trustees and beneficiaries be more confident, better prepared, and develop a stronger relationship. We also explored the roles, risks, and responsibilities of both trustees and beneficiaries.

Amy Hart Clyne
Executive Director,
Knowledge Center
Family Office Exchange

Mariann Mihailidis
Managing Director
Family Office Exchange

This webinar is not eligible for CPE credit. 
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