Webinar Replay:
FOX Public Webinar - Investors Chasing Yale and the Future of Alpha

Original Broadcast Date: February 7, 2017
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This webinar, presented by Kristi Kuechler, President of the FOX Private Investor Center, gave an overview of how family offices have been “chasing Yale” in pursuit of double digit portfolio returns. Kristi shared asset allocation trends across family offices and highlight the significant ways that family offices differ from institutional investors.

This webinar also discussed trends across the investment industry and how they may impact family offices as they continue to seek outsize returns for their families:
  • Rethinking asset class allocation and the decline of active management amidst the rise of passive and factor-based investment strategies
  • Reassessment of hedge funds, in the face of industry-wide weak returns, and the reconsideration of private equity - funds and direct investments - as investors seek the coveted illiquidity premium
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Kristi Kuechler
President, FOX Private Investor Center

Kristi Kuechler joins FOX after five years as Partner and Managing Director of Lattice Strategies, an investment firm based in San Francisco. Prior to her work at Lattice, Kristi served as President of the Institute for Private Investors (IPI), where she was responsible for content and curriculum development and oversaw all membership matters. Kristi also created the Wealth Management program at Stanford University and ran it for three years.