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The Evolution of Alternative Investments: Adapting to Survive

Originally broadcast June 21, 2017

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John Shearman, Partner / Portfolio Analyst, Albourne Group

As a Partner and Portfolio Analyst at Albourne, John advises U.S. institutional investors regarding their alternative investments. John’s clients have included foundations, endowments, pension plans and family offices.

Albourne is the leading provider of independent research and advisory services for alternative investments with over $400 billion under advisement.

In this session, originally presented at the 2017 FOX Spring Global Investment Forum, John Shearman, Partner / Portfolio Analyst at Albourne Group, discusses the most important trends affecting the hedge fund and private equity industries, from the investors’ perspective.
  • Goodbye 2 and 20, hello 1 or 30; changing the shape of fees
  • Hedge funds deconstructed: asset allocation revisited with low cost, liquid, alternative risk premia
  • Co-invest with me: the new landscape of customized investments
  • New thinking regarding return drivers in private equity: company selection, management alpha, illiquidity premium or leverage?