Professionalizing the Family Office 
a FOX Family Learning Workshop
June 12-14, 2019  |  Omni Hotel Chicago

We have helped hundreds of families design and professionalize their family office over the last three decades.

The basic principles of a well-run family office have not changed but the ways to professionalize the office are always changing. Come and learn the basics or to get a refresher on how to improve operations in the family office.  


  • An understanding of the eight critical dimensions of a family office
  • A review of the range of services that can be provided by a family office
  • An explanation of the talent and professionalism needed to run an office
  • Insights into back office challenges and technology solutions
  • An explanation for the cost and complexity of the office
  • Methods for measuring the success of the office


Ideal for new family office executives, family members considering starting a family office, or individuals looking to improve operations of an existing office

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